AMP Stories

Visual Storytelling for the Web

Visually striking full-screen experiences for the open web. Shareable. Fast-Loading. Immersive.

The next level in visual-first storytelling.

Deliver unrivalled engagement.

Web (AMP-based) Stories is a vibrant visual format that immerses your readers in fast-loading full-screen experiences. Easily create visual narratives, with engaging animations and tappable interactions. Web Stories follow the same format and user experience as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Stories. They can be shared and embedded across the web without being confined to a closed ecosystem or platform. Drive your story narrative across your website/blog/mobile app or any other outlet.

Creative flexibility

AMP stories come with built-in templates, UI controls, and components for sharing content.

Fast loading times

AMP stories are lightening fast so that your audience stays engaged and entertained.

Sharable on open web

AMP Stories are shared or embedded across sites and apps  Рno matter the ecosystem.

Track and measure

Supports analytics and tracking capabilities for viral sharing and monetization.

Popular format

Web Stories enable your audience to enjoy content in their preferred visual format.

Engaging storytelling

AMP stories is a new and modern way to reach existing readers.

Web Story Widget integration

Engage your audience with visually striking Stories