3 Must-Do's to Shoot AMAZING Phone Videos


Ever since the introduction of the Smartphone, recording video clips has become more accessible that ever before. You can now film clips whenever and wherever you want with the camera that is omnipresent in your pocket. Yet, the most watched videos on the internet seem to be must be produced with expensive equipment and large production crews, right? NO, anyone can shoot beautiful videos on their phones following a few simple tips and tricks 

1. Keep it steady

Whenever you see breathtaking cinematography or and well produced TV ad, you often don't notice that controlled steady movement of the camera is one of the keys to making the shots look professional. As you most likely don't have a ÔéČ200,000 camera rig with you when you're going to the beach with your friends and also not a ton of time to prepare the shots you'll take, take some of these simple tricks to make you shots look more steady.

The easiest way is also the most obvious, use both of your hands. It's tempting to simply click record and hold your phone close to the action, but in order to keep things steady its very important to create an additional point of contact to the phone. In order to give additional support you can rest your hands or arms on anything like a desk, chair, fence etc. 

If you want to up your game and produce really professionally looking content try one of these (expensive but worth it):


2. Use Slow Motion

Often hyped by the manufacturers, slow motion features get updated frequently and reached incredible levels with the iPhone 7 putting out a whopping 240fps at 720p which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8. Just how incredible the results can look like was shown by Australien Filmmaker and Photographer Ryan Pernofski who spent over two years filming slow motion scenes of waves breaking on shore. The result is "Slowmocean", which will give you some inspiration to try out this great feature too:


In order for you to get started we gathered the settings steps for both iOS and Android:

iOS 8+:

  1. Settings

  2. Go to > "Photos & Camera"

  3. In the "Camera" Section, click > "Record Slo-Mo"

  4. Select your preferred frame rate (240fps is "more" slow motion effect but lower quality)

  5. Done -> You can now open the default camera app and swipe left twice


Even though slow motion recording features are available as default camera options in the top-end smartphones, most users might still need the assistance of some of the following apps:

  1. Free Slo Mo Video Editor (Pro)

  2. Slow Motion Video FX

  3. SloPro

  4. AndroVid

3. Create a story with your friends

The key behind any great video is to record it based on a great story. If you want people to watch and share your video many times, it'll have to connect with your audience on an emotional level. This does apply to both professional movies as well as the story content we put out on Instagram or Snapchat every day. Its about showing people what you care about in a way that gets your viewers excited and interested. One of the best ways to do so, is to show them a different perspective from the one they have in their daily lives. But just showing your own perspective of things is often leading to a rather egocentric content and is a common phenomenon on social media platforms.

Bringing all your friends perspectives into one and creating stories together with friends just became super easy with Cutnut. Simply create a new story and invite your friends to add their own shots. This way you can create stories with a group and make amazing aftermovies of your travels, weddings, birthdays and so much more.