We’ve been a bit distant and discrete on social media but that calls for exciting news.

We are thrilled to announce that we got accepted to STADIEM’s 1st Open Call, which concluded on March 31st, drew over 400 companies from the European media industry, resulting in over 200 submissions, which were then assessed to choose 40 solutions for the match-making phase.

Now you may ask what this EU STADIEM Open Call is. It is a program that attracts the most promising tech startups, scaleups, and SMEs to participate in the STADIEM program composed of 4 different stages; Match, Develop, Integrate, and Pilot: 

Startups/SMEs can apply to be part of the Match program. The goal is for startups to seek corporate partners and take the lead in establishing a pilot or plan to get a pilot partner(s) . It goes on for 2 months. At least 16 startups/SMCs guarantee that corporate partners have confirmed their commitment to carry out the pilot within the period and plan allotted. But this time, it is for 6 months. Now, for 2 months, Startups and SMEs must have at least 12 startups merging, testing, or pre-pilot activities in preparation for public pilots. The aim is to create a more efficient and effective way of doing business by combining and testing their processes and performance. For four months, at least four companies conduct public pilots with business partners in real-world settings.

All in all, STADIEM’s mission is to invigorate and shape the application of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the cloud, the Internet of Things, virtual/augmented reality, wearables, and data analytics, in order to promote the growth and the development of Next Generation Media solutions – the European media/content moonshots. STADIEM project is funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement number 957321

As part of the 40 selected startups we are eager to connect with the media industry across Europe and offer our solutions in accordance with the content production & distribution area of Open Call 1. 

Essentially, the goal of the matching phase – which we are currently in and which runs from early June through the end of July – is for entrepreneurs/startups to discover corporate partners and lead to the development of a pilot. And you can get to know about the 40 startups and read more about this using this link: https://www.stadiem.eu/2021/05/17/open-call-1-meet-the-start-ups-selected-for-the-match-phase/


We are honored to be part of this exciting and exclusive program and look forward to announcing more exciting news regarding STADIEM soon!