As our founders are all graduates in Business Administration of the class of 2017, Cutnut still has a strong connection to its roots. Therefore, we are very excited to see that 94% of all our fellow graduates are currently employed in a paid position. The vast majority of our year was hired by large multinational corporations whilst some graduates also joined SME’s.

ie University always had a special connection to entrepreneurship and 4% of all graduates either joined or founded a startup. The report features two extensive interviews covering the success story of Black Apparel (founded by a fellow student) and Cutnut.

The University asked us to answer a number of questions regarding our progress, future plans and entrepreneurship in general. Building a company while finishing our degree has been quite a challenge for all of us, but also gave us a strong sense of purpose and a goal to keep pursuing right after graduation.

We were happy to contribute with some of our insights and had the chance to self-reflect on how far we’ve come. Early on ie University’s courses on entrepreneurship and business management gave us an idea about how we could get started, but many of the learnings actually came during the process. There were some mistakes that we had to make on our own to see clearer how we could turn our idea into a practical business model.

In the interview we describe more about how we got to the point, where we knew we had to build a vertical story desktop editing software and how we pivoted from the Cutnut App. On two pages we also try to give advice to younger entrepreneurs and talk in detail about what we do and where we are going in the future.

Find the full interview on pages 22 and 23 of the report here.