We are very thrilled to announce that Forbes has accredited the three founders of Cutnut (Teiko Wilenius, Benjamin Ranft & Philipp Nette) with a spot in the “Forbes 30 under 30” in the “Media & Marketing” category in Europe for 2019.

Together with the other bright and promising individuals/startups, the Cutnut Story Editor is defining and driving the world of news and content in 2019.

Being part of the Forbes 30 under 30 for 2019 comes with a great validation to our underlying technology and everything we are building at Cutnut – showcasing once more that Stories (on your own website/blog/e-commerce store through Google’s new AMP-Stories Format) are one of the most promising ways for your business to effectively engage with your audience – no matter if you want to use AMP-Stories to portray news, develop e-learning or utilize other forms of content. The Story Editor is specifically tailored towards the visualization and production of high-quality vertical story content in both AMP-Stories and Social Media Stories.

We are super excited and grateful about this honor and want to thank all of our lovely supporters – in particular our investors, mentors, wonderful clients and last but not least Sabela Garcia-Cuesta for her continuous support and recommendation.

More good news coming soon!


For further information and inquiries, please reach out to Philipp Nette (CEO, Cutnut) via p.nette@cutnut.net