The Hamburg based startup Cutnut has been awarded funding by the Google News Initiative. Cutnut had applied together with their project partners Contentpepper and Hamburger Morgenpost. The selected project is called “Storypepper”: Enabling publishers to generate visual stories automatically from their news articles with the click of a button.

Storypepper automates AMP and social media story creation

Storypepper will ease this transition for digital news journalism, by automating the delivery of news articles in the vertical story format as a first step. Cutnut will partner up with Contentpepper and MOPO to automate publishers’ story production. The format is gaining momentum as it combines media elements such as videos, photos, text and many more. More and more publisher want to publish their content in this new visual storytelling format.

Storypepper automates the creation of vertical Stories. The project has been funded by Google DNI Fund.

Through Storypepper’s algorithm publishers will be able to automatically create stories from various types of digital news-reporting for the first time. The generated stories can be published directly to Google AMP Stories and Social Media channels. They can set up the process for their own customised templates and publish the results directly to their website/app as well as their social media pages – making platform-agnostic stories more accessible and valuable for publishers. The first recipient of the new technology will be MOPO: With 17 million visitors and 45 million page impressions per month, is northern Germany’s leading local news website.

Technical Innovations in Journalism

Cutnut and their partners received funding from Google DNI for Storypepper. Since 2015, Google has been promoting technical innovations in journalism through the Digital News Innovation Fund (DNI). It is a European programme that’s part of the Google News Initiative, an effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age. The DNI Fund is a €150 million commitment to support and kick-start innovation within the European news ecosystem. The current selection of funded projects was the sixth and last round of the DNI. Up until the current round, 461 projects in 29 European countries have been funded with a total of €94 million.

You can find the full list of projects supported in this round here.

Making Stories Simple

Cutnut has been working on solutions to simplify vertical story production since 2015. The Cutnut Story Editor now provides its customers with one of the worlds first visual AMP Story Editors. The main goal is to enable beginners and professionals to create vertical content with ease through the use of templates and a playful UI. It is an all-in-one tool to serve both social channels (Snapchat, Instagram etc.) and websites/blogs/newsletters through AMP Stories (Accelerated Mobile Pages, by Google).

Cutnut Story Editor Fast and easy

Being able to produce and distribute vertical content for all channels with one tool is an increasing business need for many publishers and brands because of the ever-increasing number of daily active users on the format. Currently, more than 1 billion people are consuming stories every day, which makes it the most important channel to reach particularly younger audiences.

With Storypepper, publishers will soon enjoy a new level of convenience by being able to automatically convert and publish their news articles as visual stories.

Please get in touch with Benjamin Ranft for more information and inquiries regarding Storypepper.