The ongoing pandemic has hit the entire world and almost every industry. Consequently, Covid-19 forced industries to adapt to the situation. Especially events have been under pressure for the last months, as big gatherings continue to be forbidden. So how did the entire industry adapt and in which manner did the pandemic change the entire industry.


One of the biggest changes has been the format of events. So far many events like conferences, concerts or expositions have almost exclusively been held face-to-face. However, as the former is not possible anymore, event organizers decided to make use of technology in order to still hold events and to go digital. Ultimately, events are taking place (again), by shifting speaker discussions or product roadshows or even concerts to online. 


However, the aforementioned solution is only plan B. Event organizers still prefer to hold events face-to-face, since it has several advantages, including a better atmosphere, more personal touch and overall more valuable connections being made. Consequently, most events are still planned to be held in person. As no one knows how the pandemic is going to develop, this sort of planning creates major uncertainties for the entire industry. Therefore, the entire industry evolving around events is forced to be more flexible than before.


Next, event planners will focus more and more on Contingency plans. Although Contingency plans are already imperative and vital for every event, the pandemic made clear that one needs more detailed and various plans for different scenarios. This is mostly because of the fact that the future has become even more difficult to predict than ever before.


Just like many other startups, Cutnut continues to participate in events, as it offers great opportunities. In case you are interested in seeing our CEO Philipp Nette live, he will be participating in a discussion during the event “Facelift 30 minutes”. He will be speaking alongside media heavyweights like Philipp Westermeyer and Michael Trautmann. If you are interested in watching him discuss interesting issues concerning Marketing Technology, especially Stories (for social media and web) sign up here.


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