Instagram Stories

Reach a billion people

Instagram Stories allow for unparralled immersion and convey content in a visually stunning format.
Vertical, tappable, interactive.

Snackable content for your audience. Stories convince over 2 billion people every day.

Stories are vertical, tappable and interactive slideshows that consist of a mixture of text, photo, video & more. They convey content in bit-sized chunks and let users consume the content at their own pace. Stories have taken the social media space by storm: with over 2 billion daily active users they continue to claim the throne as one of the most influencial formats.

Instagram alone counts 500 million daily active Story users and has risen to popularity over the years as one of the most prominent destinations for the Story format. Other than Instagram, also Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp and even Netflix, LinkedIn and Youtube offer Stories on their respective platforms.


Full screen 9:16 puts full focus on the content.


Stories consist of a mixture of layers like text, photo, video & more


Offer more engagement through swipe ups, polls & more

Bit-sized Content

Stories are a great way of delivering your content in a short & consize way.

Beautiful Stories. Built in Cutnut.

Amaze your audience with the game-changing Story format