Times are changing and the Internet with it. A couple of years ago Instagram launched a feature known as “Stories” – now reaching more than 450 million people every day. In recent time Stories have grabbed the attention of businesses. By playing adverts on the Story format of Instagram, businesses successfully widen their reach and increase their sales. Most likely every social media user has already seen one of these Stories. An advantage of Instagram Stories is that they grab more attention and get more reach than your average street poster.

Amidst this success Google has launched their own take on this format – Google Web Stories (formerly known as AMP Stories). They are very fast loading Stories, as they consist of images, videos, texts and other formats of visualization. Contrary to Instagram Stories they are available on Google search, with their own respective website link – which, for the first time ever, enables the creator to increase SEO and reach through the Story format. This implies that Web Stories have to be programmed, which is a technical barrier for most users to get started in this format.

Several striking differences can be identified between Instagram and Web Stories. Firstly, Web Stories are visible on the open web (on platforms or native mobile apps), while social media Stories are confined to users of the respective platform.

Secondly, both types of Stories differ in their lifespan. Web Stories can theoretically last forever, as long as they are not taken down. Instagram Stories, on the other hand, usually have a maximum lifespan of 24 hours – unless added to the “Highlight” reel.

As mentioned before Web Stories need to be programmed and thus face an additional hurdle when it comes to daily production. This is where Cutnut comes into action. The software enables you to create and publish content as Instagram Stories as well as Web Stories, without needing any prior coding experience. Consequently, it reduces worktime and costs, so that you can focus on what is most important: making beautiful content!

In conclusion, both formats definitely have their respective advantages. Both are different ways of reaching people, so it makes sense to try them out and see how they can improve your reach.

You can start experimenting with stories today. Click here to learn more.


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