Cutnut has been selected to be part of Startup Sesame’s Season 4

Nowadays it is incredibly challenging to create a Startup and be successful with it. To ease the troubles that startups face in the first few years there are accelerators, incubators and other institutions providing the startup with their knowledge, network & often times monetary relief. Such accelerators can vastly increase the possibility of turning your Startup into a big company which is great. In light of this we are happy to announce to be part of the fourth season of Startup Sesame’s accelerator programme. Through Startup Sesame we now have the perfect reach to tech events from any category and advisors. Also we can find out which of these events are focusing on the vertical format which we are using for our software and we can reach out to Media & Entertainment advisors.

Startup Sesame is a global network of tech events connecting startups with investors and events. In the past 3 years, they have advised and assisted more than 35 startups. Each Sesame season, new startups are chosen from hundreds and get the opportunity to get advice, financial assistance and many other profitable things in the hope of having several successful startups. This is a very popular and helpful way of helping and assisting small startups in an early time. Also, Startup Sesame’s programme supports entrepreneurs looking to develop cross-border connections and to grow their business internationally. Startup Sesame is now giving us information and the possibly to meet advisors and investors through their global network. Also, they give us the oportunity to visit several, in our case tech events and make contacts with friendly other startups or meet advisors or investors which want to support our business idea and product.

In this way Startup Sesame is helping Cutnut to overcome the small startup size and to turn our vision of easy story content production into a proper company. We think that such accelerator and incubator programmes help startups become successful and bring their idea, dream or product to the market and share their idea with customers waiting to use their product.