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Easily embed Stories on your websites and mobile apps. Check out examples below and get started instantly. Your first-class content deserves a first-class visual experience.

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Cutnut AMP Story Web Widget

Widget Examples

One line of code

Embedding code has never been easier. With one line of code you can integrate your widget directly into your website or even mobile app. Any subsequent changes that you make are instantly visible on the published widget.

Embed Code

 <div class="cutnutwidget" id="OFYWp3gSp8"></div><script src=""></script>

1. Multi Widget (Bubble Style)

This version of the widget allows for easy embedding of multiple Stories styled similarly to the way Stories are displayed in the popular Instagram app. Increase brand recognition and loyalty by engaging the user in this familiar format.

2. Multi Widget (Landscape)

The multi widget (Landscape) sets the stage for your Stories with a more intriguing selection of content. Each card reveals a landscape preview that entices your audience to click and discover more.

3. Multi Widget (Card Style)

The multi widget (Card style) represents the classic “Story cards” style that is used on various social media platforms. Help your users easily identify storieson your page by using this widget.

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