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The Cutnut Story Editor is the easiest solution to create and share vertical stories for publishers and brands. One tool for social media and AMP Stories.

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Cutnut Story Editor.

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Cutnut Story Editor Overview
Slide Overview

Create a story while keeping an overview of all your slides. Add more, re-shuffle and choose the one you want to edit in detail.

Drag & Drop

We make slide design inherently easy by letting you resize, rotate and position elements via drag & drop.


Templates create great layouts in seconds. Get started with one out of the box or create you own to visualise your corporate identity.


Our layer system let’s you stack content elements, to allow for more dynamic designs with multiple overlapping layers.

Professional editing.

Fast and easy.

The Cutnut Story Editor offers the perfect set of easy to use features to get started into this vertical world with professional stories from day one. Templates and drag & drop make creating your slides a bliss and even beginners can quickly publish compelling stories. We optimised every feature for the production of vertical story content to make your user experience as intuitive and easy as possible.

Cutnut Story Editor Fast and easy

Multichannel stories.

All in one tool.

We created one hub for multi-channel stories uniting the workflows for web and social stories in one tool. The Cutnut Story Editor enables you to publish fully validated AMP stories and deliver them through a global CDN with one click. You can also use the built-in conversion technology to export your story to Instagram, Snapchat and other social media channels.

Cutnut Story Editor All in One AMP Social

You’re a storyteller,

not a tech wizard.

Let us do the magic.

Cutnut Story Editor Templates


Our Cutnut Story Editor is shipped with a variety of pre-built templates so that you can achieve stunning results in seconds. You can also create your own and use them in your team.

Cutnut Story Editor Google AMP Stories Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP Stories

Make use of stories on the web with Google AMP stories. These innovative stories are platform independent, can be embedded via iframe and can be monetised freely.

Cutnut Story Editor Social Media Stories

Social Media

Our unique social export service allows you to publish your stories to all social media channels that support the format. Thereby you can produce stories of all channels from one tool.

Cutnut Story Editor Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts

Your brand developed its own typeface? The Cutnut Story Editor allows you to use your custom font to ensure that you can visualise your corporate identity in stories as well.

Cutnut Story Editor Animations


Enrich your vertical content with our built in animation options. Dramatic zooms, pans and fade-ins will make even your static content appear dynamically moving.

Cutnut Story Editor Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop

Our Cutnut Story Editor allows you to intuitively position your slide elements via simple drag and drop. Simply move, resize and rotate your elements to your own expectations.

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