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The power of visual stories

on your website and Instagram

Amaze your audience by embedding AMP Stories on your website and publishing visual stories to Instagram.

Cutnut Story Editor

The all-in-one tool to create, publish and manage Instagram & AMP Stories

Create stories like a pro

Cutnut’s 100% visual story editor enables you to create stunning vertical content with ease. Bring your corporate identity to the future of storytelling with customisable templates, animations, fonts and more.

  • Default / custom templates
  • Image / video support
  • Intuitive layer / slide system
  • Animated GIFs from GIPHY
  • 1.7M+ free images from Unsplash

Fully customise your design

The Cutnut Story Editor allows you to freely customise and adjust your design. Use the intuitive WYSIWYG interface to modify your content and save your own templates to produce consistently branded stories.

  • Easy drag & drop mechanics
  • Smart-cropping to vertical
  • Full-fledged text editor
  • Custom user fonts
  • Dynamic animations
  • Calls to action

Publish to Instagram & AMP Stories

Cutnut’s powerful export service allows you to instantly publish your stories to the channels of your choice. Directly post to your Instagram Story and obtain Google AMP Story URLs for sharing, without leaving the editor.

  • Google AMP Story URLs
  • Direct export to Instagram
  • Scheduled Instagram export
  • Export to your phone’s gallery
  • Send stories to your email

Understand and engage your audience

Use Cutnut’s comprehensive AMP Story analytics and management panel to better understand your audience and optimise your story content for their taste.

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Custom analytics code inserts
  • Overview of published stories (in progress)
  • Comprehensive dashboard (in progress)

What our users love the most

Cutnut Story Editor Templates


Our Cutnut Story Editor is shipped with a variety of pre-built templates so that you can achieve stunning results in seconds. You can also create your own and use them in your team.

Cutnut Story Editor Animations


Enrich your vertical content with our built in animation options. Dramatic zooms, pans and fade-ins will make even your static content appear dynamically moving.

Cutnut Story Editor Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop

Our Cutnut Story Editor allows you to intuitively position your slide elements via simple drag and drop. Simply move, resize and rotate your elements to your own expectations.

Cutnut Story Editor Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts

Your brand developed its own typeface? The Cutnut Story Editor allows you to use your custom font to ensure that you can visualise your corporate identity in stories as well.

Cutnut Widget

Embed your AMP Stories directly into your website and present your content in this modern media format. The Cutnut Widget is embedded as a simple Javascript Snippet and opens stories in an overlaying popup, so that your audience never leaves your page. Custom designs and functionality of the widget is also available upon request.

See examples
Cutnut AMP Story Web Widget
Show a reel of multiple stories in the typical “bubble” design
Show stories among your content with full preview images
Let a single story bubble hover over your website while scrolling

Storypepper API

Storypepper automatically converts news articles into vertical stories. Converted stories are available in both, the Google AMP and social media format and are equipped with swipe-up links channeling traffic to the original article. Storypepper’s publishing service will also post the converted stories to the respective channels.

Get Storypepper




Per Month
  • Single user
  • Cutnut Story Editor
  • 20gb free AMP traffic
  • Cutnut Widget
  • Custom domain hosting
  • Premium support
  • Storypepper API

Additonal AMP Story traffic at €0.25/gb. Prices exclude VAT

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Per Month
  • Up to 3 users
  • Cutnut Story Editor
  • 100gb free AMP traffic
  • Cutnut Widget
  • Custom domain hosting
  • Premium support
  • Storypepper API

Additional AMP Story traffic at €0.18/gb. Prices exclude VAT


- Custom -

  • More than 3 users
  • Cutnut Story Editor
  • 250gb free AMP traffic
  • Cutnut Widget
  • Custom domain hosting
  • Premium support
  • Storypepper API

Additional AMP Story traffic at €0.15/gb. Prices exclude VAT

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