Moin moin.
We are Cutnut.

Together we benefit from 30+ years of entrepreneurship experience, 6 university honours and 5 years of working as a team.

Cutnut Story Editor Team About Background

If you wish to make stories

simple, you must first

invent the universe.

Whilst building the Cutnut Story Editor, our toughest challenge has been to not re-invent the universe first. Our product is the result of months of hard work and hundreds of iterations. We are a multidisciplinary team and use our skillset to make the most functional but efficient story production tool out there. We continuously gather valuable user feedback to optimise our Cutnut Story Editor for real world scenarios. Now we’re excited to put the product into your hands and see what you’ll create with it.

Philipp is navigating our ship through all waters and builds our relations with customer and investors. Benjamin creates the UI/UX of our platform, manages the execution of our product development plan and assures our quality standards are met. Jörg is in charge of the technology stack to ensure stability and reliability of the editor. Teiko is in charge of the financials as well as all legal issues coming our way and ensures it’ll be all smooth sailing.

Philipp Nette

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Ranft

Chief Product Officer

Teiko Wilenius

Chief Financial Officer

Jörg Tews

Chief Technology Officer

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