About us


Since the beginning of their joint studies at university, Ben, Philipp and Teiko (from left to right) have been close friends and worked together on various projects. When Philipp came up with the idea of social stories one afternoon, Ben and Teiko immediately saw its big potential and decided to join him. What started out as a small spark of an idea, has now evolved into their start-up Cutnut. The entire team behind the application has been developing and revising various prototypes and invested countless hours of hard work, dedication and, most importantly, fun. 


Meet the team


Philipp Nette


Having worked on multiple consulting projects in companies such as KPMG and RBS Mazars, Philipp has extensive expertise in advisory and consulting. He studied Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship at the ie Business School and graduated with honors.

Philipp supervises & assists in the day-to-day activities and brings our team together. He is in charge of presenting the company to potential clients & investors.


Teiko Wilenius


Teiko has previously worked as a fund administrator for Helsinki Capital Partners and private equity analyst for one of the biggest private equity companies in Finland, Ahlstr├Âm Capital. While studying Business Administration with the focus on finance, Teiko is a founding member of the Ie Finance & Investment club. Teiko is now in charge of the financial and legal sides of the business at Cutnut.


Benjamin Ranft

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is a professional photographer with a decade of experience in media project planning and execution through his previous company Croconut which he founded while interning in business development at Rocket Internet's. He was also responsible for the development of Lieblingslicht's digital strategy and graduated with honors in Business Administration at ie Business School.

Ben designs our app/website and uses his expertise to optimize our UX and make Cutnut feel as fun as possible.


Eliot N. Schwartz

Head of Ambassador Program & Investor relations

Eliot has a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the ie Business School. Having studied and worked in various countries, Eliot is experienced in fostering positive relationships with clients and colleagues. He particularly excels at communicating with clarity and negotiating with individuals from diverse cultural and organizational backgrounds.


Meet the advisors


Dr. Hans Joachim Schmitz-Mertens

Hans Joachim became a successful serial entrepreneur after his principal position at The Boston Consulting Group where he advised companies in various industries for seven years.